Your Best Investment is Health

The Institute for Hormonal Balance is a state-of-the art medical spa specializing in age management and health optimization through holistic methods.  Founded by Dr. Edwin Lee, the Institute for Hormonal Balance integrates the best of conventional and alternative medicine.

Dr. Lee - thanks in part to his many significant presentations at major medical conferences - is a respected proponent, author and international spokesperson on hormone balance and wellness, and is a leader in helping define the future of regenerative medicine. Some of the international conferences at which he has lectured include: Age Management Medicine Group, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and the Spanish Society of Anti-Aging Medicine and Longevity.  He also has been featured on radio on the Dr. Mitch Show.

The driving purpose for Dr. Lee in establishing the Institute for Hormonal Balance was, and continues to be, his focus on the prevention of disease. Rather than simply treating the problem, he tries to find the root problem of the issue.  In addition, his age management programs focus on reversing any damage before it is too late.

Other Institute for Hormonal Balance programs include: optimizing and balancing your hormones, healing leaky gut (intestinal hyper permeability), determining if you have DNA damage or cell membrane damage, detoxifying your body, modifying your lifestyle, customizing a unique exercise program, reducing stress and utilizing intravenous vitamins and supplements if necessary.


Since Dr. Edwin Lee is board certified in Endocrinology - and has taken extra courses in regenerative and functional medicine - he is well aware of the controversies in optimizing the thyroid, treating adrenal fatigue, using bioidentical hormones, using testosterone with men who have prostate cancer, doing intravenous nutrition, prescribing recombinant growth hormone in adults, using DHEA, and prescribing progresterone.

Because of these issues, his first book, Feel Good Look Younger: Reversing tiredness through Hormonal Balance, was written to review the medical evidence and to explain the controversial issues of each topic.  His second book, Your Best Investment: Secrets to a Healthy Body and Mind, was written to help people lose weight and to become healthier through better nutrition, while the main subject deals with the dangers of high insulin levels from eating or drinking too much sugar.

Once you meet Dr. Lee and his staff at the Institute for Hormonal Balance, it becomes obvious not only how much they care about your health, but how very much they believe in their work and what it can accomplish.  They lead by example, and are truly an “inspiration of health” to others.

The Institute for Hormonal Balance is “fee for service,” and does not accept medical insurance for payment.  Should you want to file with your insurance company for reimbursement, we will provide you with the proper codes for easier filing.  At the Institute for Hormonal Balance, we want to work for you - not for your insurance company.  We look forward in seeing you soon.


Call 407-363-9665 for an appointment or click here for additional details.

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Your Amazing Heart

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Your Best Investment
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Feel Good Look Younger
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Feel Good Look Younger 2nd Edition

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