by Edwin Lee, MD

Your Best Investment

Your Best Investment

(Secrets to a Healthy Body and Mind)
2013 Living Now Award Bronze Medalist

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Book Description

Your Best Investment: Secrets to a Healthy Body and Mind by Dr. Edwin Lee, reveals the truths behind obesity, high blood pressure, infertility,autoimmune disease, memory loss, heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes – while exploring the common link shared by all these health concerns… high insulin levels. This revolutionary book is based on numerous medical studies, and includes recipes created by nutritionists specifically for Dr. Lee and his innovative, two-phase meal plan.


Your Best Investment

Book Review from Life Extension Magazine.

A sample of the book review: Chapter 2 of Dr. Lee’s book deals with the fallout of such a grain-heavy, sugar-heavy diet on the American public. For Life Extension® readers, this takes us to a common culprit when it comes to diabetes, obesity, and the metabolic syndrome: insulin resistance. In this chapter, there is no sugarcoating it. Dr. Lee clearly states that, “Insulin resistance can cause belly fat, dementia, loss of memory, depression, autoimmune disease, strokes, infertility, neuro- degenerative brain disease, and- it is directly related to the one thing that will most likely kill you—heart disease.” .


2013 – Living Now Award- Bronze Medalist – Cooking/Natural

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