by Edwin Lee, MD

Your Awesome Brain: Dr. Lee’s Health Secrets
(Book Two)

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Your Awesome Brain is the newest award-winning book in Dr. Edwin Lee’s best-selling series of children’s books on health. The “time machine” is always a favorite section in the book, where it shows what happens to your body and brain after 10, 20 and 30 years of not following the three secrets to a healthier, brighter brain. With Your Awesome Brain, children quickly understand why sugar is bad for the brain. They’ll also learn the warning signs of a stroke, what causes it, and what to do when someone is experiencing one. Plus, because traumatic brain injuries are on the rise (especially in youth football) Your Awesome Brain explains the dangers and what to do. “I treat adult patients every day with problems they most probably could have prevented,” explains Dr. Edwin Lee, “had they received better, age-appropriate medical advice as children. To bridge that gap, I created this series of books to teach kids about the health secrets that adults wish someone had told them when they were young. After all, instead of merely fixing unhealthy adults, isn’t it better to raise healthier children?” There is no other children’s book that comes close to teaching as much about optimal brain health (while being entertaining). And, although this book is written for elementary-age readers, adults also learn from it.

2015 Purple Dragonfly Book Award

Your Awesome Brain received two of the first place awards in the prestigious 2015 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards. Since 2009, the annual awards have honored published authors of children’s literature with a seal that is placed on the book’s cover to let parents know they are giving their children the very best in reading excellence.